Neela Cotton Indigo Throw

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Oversized for use as a throw, blanket, bed cover, or outdoors. Made of ultra-soft cotton in a traditional hand-operated Malabar wooden loom. Our spin on this 500-year old tradition was to combine two separately loomed designs using a seamless stitch. Pre-washed. 100% Handloomed Cotton 77 x 50 in. TECHNIQUE: MALABAR HANDLOOM Along the southwestern "Malabar" coast of India, in an oppressively humid equatorial climate, what you wear is important. Handloomed cotton from this region is renowned for its rich texture and high absorption capacity and is commonly used to make towels and airy apparel. Our spin on this 500-year old tradition was to hand-stitch two separately loomed panels. This is also our lowest energy textile - no electricity is used in the entire process. Yarn is hand-spun, then hand-dyed and line-dried, and eventually hand-loomed